Storm the Castle Productions focuses on telling stories that challenge prevailing viewpoints and change who controls the narrative.

We can be engaged for all phases of production and can provide resources for each.

We work for hire and license original footage. We edit in-house and rent out field equipment.


Available as package or à la carte

Rates available upon request


Canon C300 Mark II Camera

Canon 24-­‐105mm Lens

Canon 70-­‐200mm telephoto lens

Canon lens extender

Shape lens support

Canon Microphone unit

Zacuto Gratical Eye

Battery for Gratical Eye

Charger for Gratical Eye

Power and Video Cable for Gratical Eye

C300 Battery (4x)

Memory Cards, CFAST (12x)

Memory Cards, PROXY (6x)

Card Reader (2x)

Sachtler Tripod, V18 w/flowtech legs

Zacuto Tripod Plate Adapter


Shape telescopic handle, right

Shape grip relocator bracket & cable

Shape rosette handle, left

Shape grip relocator protective cable cap

Small Rig Top Handle

Small Rig Front Handle

Small Rig Rods

Small Rig rosette clamp

Zacuto Swivel Z-­‐Mount

Zacuto Access Mini arm

Wooden Handle Hot Shoe


Pelican Case

Manfrotto Backpack

Tripod Case (soft & hard shell)


SK 100 G4 Sennheiser wireless system

ME 66 Sennheiser Cardiod Shotgun

ME 64 Sennheiser Cardiod

ME 62 Sennheiser Omnidirectional

ME 62/64 Windshield

ME 66 Softie

ME 62/64 Softie

Sony Headphones

Boom Pole

AA Batteries, rechargable

AA Battery Charger